Curtain Walling Manchester

We provide, install, and repair curtain walling systems for residential and commercial properties in Manchester and other regions of the UK. We have established a repute for credibility, reliability, and affordability. Our Curtain walling Manchester products and services rank us among the top providers in the UK. We also provide other services such as manufacturing and installing roller shutters and shopfronts (timber, glass, aluminium),

What is curtain walling?

A curtain wall is a thin wall typically enclosed by an aluminium frame and containing glass filling, thin stone, or metal panels. The aluminium framing is fixed to the building and does not have to withstand the roo or floor loads of the superstructure. Moreover, the gravity and the wind loads of the aluminium curtain walling are conveniently dissipated to the infrastructure’s floor line.

Curtain walling is available in standard systems as well as customized systems to suit the needs and requirements of a particular building whether residential or commercial. They are used everywhere from small stores to multi-storey buildings, and from houses to warehouses. Their versatility, affordability, and durable features make them an essential part of every other building.

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Benefits of Curtain Walling

  • Protects your property from extreme outdoor/climatic elements.
  • They are highly resistant to wind and water.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to customize.
  • Highly Affordable and have a low maintenance cost.
  • Because of perfect insulation they can reduce your energy bills.
  • Attractive and modern looking can be customized into various designs and sizes.
  • Can be installed in large or small units, residential as well as commercial.

As curtain walling is constructed from lightweight materials making it easy to install and affordable. Because they encapsulate the building and prevent air and water from entering, they are highly energy efficient. They can be installed in any building regardless of their size. The walls can span the entire distance of a single or multiple floors. Contact us today for Curtain Walling Manchester.

Types of Curtain Walling systems we install

There are three main types of curtain willing systems which are provided by almost all curtain walling companies including ours, these are:

  • Pressure-equalized: Prevention of all external elements by keeping the building air-tight.
  • Water-managed: Prevention of water intrusion by including moisture drains
  • Face-sealed: Perfect sealing in between the frame and the wall

Curtain walls are available in numerous glazing options which can be used internally, externally, or structurally. We can also install them as a stick-framed wall divided by mullions for creating smaller panes. The lengths and depths of the lines can be customized according to your requirement. Stick-framed walls allow thermal movement and lateral resistance.

Several face covers can also be chosen for aesthetics. We can install curtain walls of any design and size you want.

Curtain Walling Manchester

Why recruit us?

Skilled & Qualified operatives

Our team comprises outclass technicians which have the necessary qualifications for providing these services. Our curtain walls are manufactured from premium grade aluminium possessing all the exceptional qualities that are inherent to aluminium. The frames are powder coated by our experts in any colour you desire. Our operatives also provide flawless installation services to ensure that your curtain walls are a perfect fit. Our team members are also fully trained to provide any curtain wall repair services you may require.

Affordable and Quick Services

Curtain walling has another benefit. While it is affordable to install in small units but the Cost of Curtain Walling in Manchester becomes even more affordable if you have a large area to cover. We provide not only the best curtain walls but also the most affordable installation services. Your curtain walling cost depends on the prevailing curtain walling prices, the area to be covered, and additional services that you may require. Our staff is available around the clock for any emergency requirement that you may have and you can contact us anytime for Curtain Walling Manchester, whether you want to build a new curtain walling system or repair your existing one.

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You can get in touch with us through our registered phone number or online through our website. You can talk to our team members for more details and discuss your requirements with them. You can also request a free site visit for a better understanding of your needs. Our technical team will visit your site and provide you with the best advice. We will also provide you with a free quote for our services within 48 hours of the visit. For curtain walling in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK, contact us today.

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!